New Page

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Some graduation photos that I did as a gift to an absolutely amazing girl (woman!) have been added. Just click the link “Kayla” on the left menu of this page.

I am still not happy with the image quality on this blog, I am definitely going to have to find something better, but you still get the idea.. even if they are a bit flat, washed out, and fuzzy.. haha.



High Speed!

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At last! Its still a little touch and go as its new to our area, but I will work on getting some more photographs up here to view 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


Wedding photos..

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I put up some new wedding photographs from a recent wedding. In fact I am pretty sure it is one that quite a few of my facebook friends are anxious to see anyway. You will have to go to the source for any more though, dial up sucks! 😉

Just click on the Linke-Power Wedding to the right of this post to view.

Selective Colouring…

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is something that I find extremely overused, it’s something that I see so many new amateur aspiring photographers do repeatedly. I personally very rarely like it. Today I have to confess that I took a photograph of my daughter playing in the pool, and the way her eyes were practically glowing blue.. it had to be done.

Wedding photography

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Can be very stressful. Every shot counts! But in the end when you are looking at the product, a photographer is just as excited as the bride to see exactly what has been captured (well the photographer should be– if they aren’t– they aren’t ready to do weddings!)

I had a last minute wedding this weekend, I generally like to have at least a few weeks to prepare and ask questions about a session before embarking on it, but all in all I feel that the results were great. Everyone has some should have moments, but that’s the nature of it all, always learning 🙂

If you would like to see some of my most recent session — they are at:

Mass Frustration…

Posted in photography on June 7, 2008 by alisonrhodes

How many photographers out there practice with their children repeatedly, and then one day see good lighting conditions and say, okay lets get something to hang on the wall! The product? They get terrible results of their children cheesing for the camera and lets face it, being downright pains in the butt!

Its a good thing they are cute, I know there were lots of mosquitoes, but please honestly, had they chilled out for 3 minutes, it would have been done and over, after about 10 minutes of getting eaten alive right along with them, I gave up… here are 3 perfect examples of how all the shots turned out…

I love them dearly, but my goodness, I hate the idea of paying someone else to take the photographs when with just a carefully placed bribed I could get beautiful shots of them, not so long ago!

Getting some more up here..

Posted in photography on May 14, 2008 by alisonrhodes

Slowly but surely. It sure is rough to be stuck in a dial up world (are you listening Rogers?!?!). Popped up a few today of some candid portrait style from a trip to the park with my family last week though. If there is anything anyone wants to see in particular, just let me know and I will do my best to get them online!